Giving Party

Don’t just give until it hurts…give until it feels good.

The Giving Party gets a “look” November 14, 2007

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give-until2.jpgHere’s our logo for the party (to be printed on gift cards to go with gifts, and note pads for “shopping lists”). I like it!


3 Responses to “The Giving Party gets a “look””

  1. Caroline Pence Says:

    I love this logo – having been involved in the creation of several non-profit logos, I know that creating a good one is no small task. I’m looking forward to the party!

  2. Evette Says:

    Love it! Who did it??

  3. perr1ker5h Says:

    Mary Beth (one of the hosts) can tell you — one of her artsy friends who works at UNC I think. Hopefully she’ll be at the party and enjoy the fruits of her labor!

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