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Don’t just give until it hurts…give until it feels good. is now national! November 19, 2007

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Thanks to writer pal Amy Tiemann for pointing this out on her (one of the organizations represented at our Giving Party) is now open to every public school throughout the country. This makes it even easier to give this gift in honor of friends and family throughout the US by supporting a school right in their neighborhood.


2 Responses to “ is now national!”

  1. Laura Brader-Araje Says:

    Hello all! Yes, many thanks to Amy for helping us spread the word! A quick FYI: The organization’s official name is actually now — as a way to direct traffic to our website! Thanks so much for the hosts of this party. It is going to be great! — Laura Brader-Araje

  2. perr1ker5h Says:

    Thanks for that info, Laura. I’ll repost on the blog just so people can find you more easily. Looking forward to the party!

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