Giving Party

Don’t just give until it hurts…give until it feels good.

Bill Clinton on the guest list… October 20, 2008

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I just sent off my invitation to President Clinton for this year’s Giving Party. I invited him last year since his book “Giving” helped to inspire the idea for our party. I received a very nice RSVP call from his office letting me know he couldn’t make it, and a signed letter from him congratulating us on our amazing success last year. I figured I might as well add him to the guest list again this year. Now, off to invite Oprah…


More giving parties… October 17, 2008

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When we first cooked up this idea of a Giving Party, we weren’t thinking beyond Chapel Hill. But once we saw the response we thought we should spread the good word and encourage others to throw their own parties. And now that’s starting to happen. A “Live Small, Give Big” giving party is being hosted in Charlotte this year (thanks to Rosie Molinary) and a Low Country Giving Party is happening in Charleston, SC.

If you like this idea and want more information about throwing your own giving party, just post a comment on the blog and we’ll send you more information. Eventually, we’re hoping to put together a party kit that you can purchase, making it even easier to have your own party. And naturally, we’ll give away all of the profits. Look for our website,, to launch later this year.


Feelin’ the love…

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One of the reasons the Giving Party is so much fun is that it’s an easy party to pull together. I’m just blown away by the generosity of people in our community. You invite them, they come, and they give so generously! One amazing example of this is the Brader-Araje Foundation. Last year, we invited Laura Brader-Araje to join us at the party to represent Not only did she show up and offer fantastic information about the organization, she provided each guest with a $100 gift certificate from their foundation to spend with We were overwhelmed by her generosity. And this year, when we invited her back, she offered to do it again!!

Evites went out last night. We hope you’ll join us this year, have a blast spending your $100 with AND jump start your holiday shopping by giving to the other organizations represented. As one guest said in her Evite reply, “it’s more fun to come and give than open your 401K statement right now!”


Save the date…Giving Party ’08! October 9, 2008

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We just had our first organizational meeting for our giving party this year. Given the horrendous economic news and the neck-and-neck political campaign, I can’t think of a better time to have something positive to focus on. This year, Diane Belden has graciously offered her amazing home for the party. Casey Saussy has joined me, Mary Beth and Diane to help us pull together the details.

We selected the following organizations to be represented:

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County

Family Violence Prevention Center of Orange County

World Vision

Fuel Up of Chatham County

Center for Women’s Health Research at UNC

The date of the party will be December 4, 2008. More details will follow but we have great hope that we’ll have more guests, more donations, and more gifts to give! If you missed last years party, feel free to scroll through this blog to read up on the idea (yet another crazy idea dreamed up while watching Oprah!), the success from last year (over $12,000 raised in 3 hours plus inspiration for two additional giving parties in Charleston and Charlotte), our local sponsors, and more.

We hope you’ll join us this year! It promises to be lots of fun with lots of feel good moments. Give until it feels good!