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More giving parties… October 17, 2008

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When we first cooked up this idea of a Giving Party, we weren’t thinking beyond Chapel Hill. But once we saw the response we thought we should spread the good word and encourage others to throw their own parties. And now that’s starting to happen. A “Live Small, Give Big” giving party is being hosted in Charlotte this year (thanks to Rosie Molinary) and a Low Country Giving Party is happening in Charleston, SC.

If you like this idea and want more information about throwing your own giving party, just post a comment on the blog and we’ll send you more information. Eventually, we’re hoping to put together a party kit that you can purchase, making it even easier to have your own party. And naturally, we’ll give away all of the profits. Look for our website,, to launch later this year.


2 Responses to “More giving parties…”

  1. Joann Guariglia Says:

    Please tell me more about your ideas on a giving party, sounds fun!

  2. perr1ker5h Says:

    Hi Joann,
    I’d love to talk with you about our giving party concept and help you throw your own giving party if you’re interested. Our mission is to spread the good word about giving until it feels good. This party is an easy and fun one to pull together. Just let me know if you need more scoop! You can email me at directly.

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