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Bill Clinton on the guest list… October 20, 2008

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I just sent off my invitation to President Clinton for this year’s Giving Party. I invited him last year since his book “Giving” helped to inspire the idea for our party. I received a very nice RSVP call from his office letting me know he couldn’t make it, and a signed letter from him congratulating us on our amazing success last year. I figured I might as well add him to the guest list again this year. Now, off to invite Oprah…


One Response to “Bill Clinton on the guest list…”

  1. Casey Says:


    Thanks for spearheading our “celebrity” invites. I think Katie Couric and Campbell Brown will be interested too. Especially in light of Campbell’s rant that the candidates for President donate some of the money they have raised instead of buying ads… It was Campbell, right? 😉

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