Giving Party

Don’t just give until it hurts…give until it feels good.

Read all about it… December 7, 2008

in today’s News & Observer! There’s a nice article about our little party that grew and grew…and as the totals now stand, the 3 Giving Parties held last Thursday raised over $30,000! Our Chapel Hill party raised $15,000 from our guests, plus $2000 in matching Habitat for Humanity of Orange County gifts, plus $5000 in gift cards that guests received. Charlotte & Charleston parties pulled in $12,500 together! What an amazing night of giving.

So many people to THANK! First, our guests! They certainly didn’t let some pretty daunting economic news slow them down in their generosity. Mary Beth Grealey–this party would NEVER happen without her. She’s our technical genius, printing goddess and basically, our all around make-things-run-smoothly chick! Casey Saussy for helping us get amazing PR through WCHL and the N&O. And of course, Diane & Art Belden for hosting our lovely, feel-good event (and they’ve already agreed to do it again next year!). And of course, some of our sponsors, including Trader Joe’s (the wine was delightful, Greg!), The Catering Company of Chapel Hill, Laser Image Corporate Printing and Amy Lewis for doing our website. And of course, we can’t forget the Brader-Araje’s for their gift cards to support

Now, I’m really in the holiday spirit!


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